One Click Gets You a Brand New Website!

By   |  June 23, 2023

Dr. Leonardo features NEW design layouts, new banner photos and designs that can feature your own banner images and colors with an average of 18 different design layouts for every healthcare discipline. You can switch from your current design just by selecting a different one in your Dr. Leonardo Control Panel and access any specialty's template designs too. Your website's content will automatically rebuild with the new design, photos, colors, and fonts.

A completely new PRACTICE-Site in a matter of seconds!

Our sister company, Digital MindScapes is a full-service marketing agency for Dr. Leonardo offering:

Digital MindScapes can create an entire new Dr. Leonardo website for as little as $250 and get your website indexed at the top of Google and Bing for broad search terms in the geographic area where you practice.

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Dr Leonardo Can Make Updates to Your Website

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