Why Your Medical Practice Needs an Online Presence

By   |  January 13, 2015

Journalists never thought digital media would take over print journalism. Doctors never thought that the Internet would serve as a source for health care. We don't predict a lot of ways technology changes the way people behave and how businesses operate. Now, more than ever it's important for medical practices to establish and maintain and online presence. Medical practices have an increasing need to establish and maintain an online presence. The first step in establishing an online presence is by developing a website for your medical practice that serves as more than just a page with a telephone number and an address. Effective medical practice websites host patient portals and provide potential and existing patients with information about conditions and services your medical practice treats and provides. Here's a look into the top benefits of establishing an online presence for your medical practice.


Because web users are accessing the Internet 24 hours a day, by having a website for your medical practice you are increasing the time your existing and potential patients can communicate with you. You website is an extension of your practice and allows site visitors to gather information and reflect on your business' first impression-- before ever walking into your office.


Your medical practice website lets potential patients know what your practice is all about. What will they see when they get to your office? What can they expect during a consultation? What types of treatments does your practice offer? All of these things, and more can be answered with your own medical practice website.


A medical practice website is a great place to host patient testimonials. Testimonials or reviews  help establish trust among potential patients.

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