Key Elements for Building a Dental Practice Website

By   |  October 7, 2014

For medical practices, it's important that their websites include more than just contact information in order to create a memorable impression on visitors. To follow are the key elements that dental practices should include in their websites.

Organized Main Menu

In the main menu, it is important to have clearly labeled tabs that will take patients to the information they are seeking. If sections of your site are mislabeled or misleading, site visitors are likely to look elsewhere. Some important tabs to include are:

  • Meet The Doctor(s), provide site visitors with biographical information about the doctor(s) including their educational history and professional experience and affiliations
  • Location Page (include map, directions, telephone, fax and email)
  • Insurance Accepted
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) Patient Portal Access
  • Virtual Tour or photos of the office, including equipment
  • Smile Gallery for before and after photos from real patients (who have consented to the use of their photo and medical information) for cosmetic services
  • Services Offered (organized into cosmetic, preventative and general dentistry)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) concerning the practice
  • Testimonials and Reviews of the doctor and practice
  • Practice News or Blog
  • Financing Options

Relevant Visuals

  • Every page within your website should include a photo
  • A "rule of thumb" is for every 500 words of content, one photo should be shown
  • Always use photos, videos, graphics, and any other type of image that you own the rights to

Contact Form

  • Contact forms are a great way to help grow your practice
  • Having a contact form visible on the homepage of your website is a great way to gain existing and potential patient's email addresses for office newsletter and email marketing opportunities.

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