Why Images Are Important For Your Website

By   |  March 17, 2015

When a website has little or no images, people do not tend to spend much time there. While written content is king, images are becoming just as important. Pictures draw the eye to content and can vastly improve page views. But there are some other benefits to having quality images on a site. Dr. Leonardo's extensive content library offers thousands of images and clinical illustrations to choose from.

Your Practice Will Appear Approachable

Images and pictures on a website are a great way to demonstrate how approachable a person or company is, especially for a medical practice. When offices have a great team working, show them off. Visitors to the site can see who they will actually be working with when they come to the office, allowing them to feel more comfortable and familiar with the staff. Take care to have quality pictures taken. Images that are fuzzy or too small appear unprofessional and could damage the reputation of the practice.

Images Give Your Content Relevance

Planning to add facts, statistics, or other information that could benefit a number of visitors? If so, a graph or diagram may be beneficial to the site. These images give relevance to what is presented. The images also draw the reader to information they may have otherwise skimmed over, especially if it was buried in with the rest of the content. Be sure to not go overboard, as too many images can become a distraction to the reader.

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