Dr. Leonardo's COVID-19 Content

By   |  December 18, 2020

Healthcare professionals and businesses are still learning to deal with the challenges COVID-19 has brought into the public health industry. It is crucial to show your patients that you are informed about new conditions and services in and out of the office due to COVID.  Not only does it build credibility as a healthcare provider, but it gives your patients a sense of confidence about you and your office.

Dr. Leonardo has made this easy with factual and informative COVID-19 Content that can be easily placed on your website. Choose from three different announcement messages to download. Additionally, you can also select patient education articles concerning the virus providing additional information on the precautionary protocols you have been implementing.

Incorporating this relevant content onto your website demonstrates to your patients that you are up-to-date on the latest information and that you prioritize the safety of your patients.

Dr. Leonardo Can Help You Inform Your Patients

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