Do You Have a Doximity® Profile?

By   |  February 7, 2019

Last year, Doximity® announced that it had reached a milestone of one million members making the it one of the most popular services used by healthcare providers. If you are a Doximity member, you can use the information on your profile to create your own personal website with Dr. Leonardo®.

Build Your Presonal Website from Doximity® InformationDr. Leonardo automatically accesses your Doximity profile information and instantly creates your PROVIDER-Site:

  • Full Name - First Name, Last Name
  • Professional Credentials, i.e. MD, DO, etc.
  • Profile Photo
  • Gender
  • Main Specialty, e.g. Orthopedics
  • Sub-Specialties, e.g. Orthopedic Trauma, Hip Surgery, etc.
  • Main Office Address
  • Office Phone & Fax
  • Additional Office Locations
  • Hospital Affiliations
  • Medical School & Residencies
  • Doximity ID – Used to update your information at a later time
  • NPI (National Provider Identifier) – Dr. Leonardo also obtains and accesses NPI information directly from the U. S. Federal Government

Retain Your Patients and Stop Losing Referrals

PROVIDER-Site by Dr. Leonardo is a customizable personal website registered at the domain for your name, i.e. www.johnsmith.com. Your personal website ensures top positioning on GoogleYahoo! and Bing when visitors are searching for you online. Dr. Leonardo connects your name with the most relevant patient education associated with your healthcare specialty. This gives your personal website authority with search engines, especially when your name is paired together with a health condition, treatment or procedure.

  • Online Appointment Scheduling
  • Patient Reviews & Ratings
  • Patient Portal Connectivity
  • Online Bill Payment (Coming Soon)
  • Patient Education
  • Virtual Telephone Number (VTN)

Build Your Personal Brand


Your experience, reputation and credentials are elements of goodwill which are directly associated with your name. Your name is your calling card – it is your ‘brand’.

Take control of your brand and give visitors just what they are looking for. Dr. Leonardo PROVIDER-Sites help you establish credibility with patients, and provides them with a convenient way to book appointments directly on your website, without ever having to visit a provider directory.


It's Your Website - Take It With You!

Your Dr. Leonardo PROVIDER-Site can follow you as a professional wherever you go. If you switch practices or hospital networks, simply change the appointment links and contact information to your new clinic.

Five Minutes is All You Need! Connect Using Your Doximity® Profile.


PROVIDER-Sites retains patients and reduces lost referrals resulting in more appointments. The process of creating one is as simple as it gets! If you're a Doximity member, Dr. Leonardo will instantly access biographical information, including your photo!  Weekly Analytic Reports are sent via email charting the PROVIDER-Sites’ traffic and appointments.

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