Checklist for Building Your Own Dr. Leonardo Website

By   |  September 16, 2022

With Dr. Leonardo, anyone can build a website in just a few easy steps -- no web design experience necessary. While there are a few core elements that every healthcare website should include, making your page stand out from the rest is the key to attracting new patients. Aside from displaying basic contact information, your Practice-Site or PROVIDER-Site should provide potential and existing patients with original, valuable information. Here's a quick checklist of essentials that Dr. Leonardo websites already come with to make your healthcare website as effective as possible:

Organized Main Menu

  • Websites without a clear and directly labeled navigation menu lose traffic quickly. If patients can't find what they're looking for, they are inclined to quickly move on to another website. Effective links in your main menu also help search engines to crawl your websites more effectively and rank you higher in search results.

Relevant Visuals

  • Your practice should consider creating a logo if it does not have one already. The logo should be visible at the top of the screen on every page throughout the website and will help personalize your website.
  • Most pages should include photos, charts or graphics that you own the rights to. Downloading images from Google, or any other website and republishing them on your own site can lead to copyright infringement, so be sure to use either licensed or royalty-free images when building out your web pages.
  • A design "rule of thumb" is to include one image for every 500 words of text.

Call to Action

  • Your pages, especially the homepage, should always include a "call to action." Calls to action are hyperlinks or buttons on webpages that direct patients to what they should do next, like call the office or schedule an appointment online.
  • The best calls to action are worked in very naturally. For example, a good call to action on the Office Policies page may be a button that reads "Pay Your Bill" displayed just below the paragraph on Payment Information.

Don't Have the Time to Build Your Website on Your Own? Dr. Leonardo Offers a "We'll Do It For You" Service!

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