5 Elements Of Successful On-Page Optimization

By   |  April 29, 2015

Improving your site's visibility is very important to grow your medical practice. Growing your website's traffic organically is the best way. But, this requires you to incorporate several search engine optimization techniques in your site design and content.

Search Engine Optimization Basics

Here are five SEO tips that you can incorporate in your website:

  • Keywords: Your page should be centered around one topic or keyword and it is not necessary to stuff keywords into your articles. When using keywords, ensure that they gel properly with the article that you are writing, and ensure that you write for your readers and not for search engines.
  • URL structure: Your page URLs must tell the search engine exactly what's on the page. Use a descriptive URL instead of using random alphanumeric terms. Your URL should contain keywords and should convey the topic of the page to the reader and the search engine. Also, your URL should include incorporate your site's structure.
  • Page titles: Just like your URLs, your page title (located at the top of the browser) must describe the topic of the page clearly. It tells both search engines and your site visitors the purpose of the page.
  • Header tags: Your page headings and sub-headings should be properly formatted using HTML header tags (like H1, H2, and H3). These tags will also help improve user experience, which also plays an important role in your page's search rank. The H1 tag will also affect the way in which a search engine views your page.
  • Site speed: Your website speed, too, matters. Your site should load quickly. Using a lot of very high resolution images, or using flash, can slow down load times leading to a bad user experience. Google has also stated that website speed can affect search rankings. So, make sure that you server can handle all the traffic that comes to your site and that your site doesn't have any unnecessary components. Re-size images before uploading them. Do not include a lot of plugins.

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