Benefits of EHR Access On-The-Go

By   |  November 12, 2014

As more health care providers move away from paper-based records to Electronic Health Records (EHR), there is an increased demand for easy EHR access on mobile devices. Mobile EHR capitalizes on the convenience of EHR, while offering both doctors and patients several additional benefits.

Connect with Your Patients From A Mobile Device

  1. Instant access to important medical information. Using mobile EHR, patients can instantly access their own health information, including test results or clinical summaries from office visits. Having access to medical information on a mobile device is also convenient for patients consulting a specialist, or changing health care providers.
  2. Accuracy. Because patients can update or add to their information from their mobile device at any time, doctors always have the most accurate medical information available. Mobile EHRs help doctors stay current with their patient's medications and treatments.
  3. Increases patient care and safety. When all of a patient's medical information in one place, doctors have a complete and organized view of their patient's health. Doctors can also securely share information with other practitioners as needed, reducing any chance for medical errors.
  4. Improved sharing of information with patients. Many patients become overwhelmed with information during an office visit, and are unable to retain medical information once they leave an office. Using a mobile-compatible EHR, doctors can share information or link educational materials with the patient.
  5. Benefits home care patients and those with chronic illnesses. For patients with chronic illnesses, or those who receive home or hospice care, mobile EHR coordinates better care between office-based physicians and home healthcare professionals.Through a mobile EHR, patients under home care can also transmit data, such as their blood pressure readings, to doctors so that their health is effectively monitored.

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