3 Secret Elements Of A Successful Site

By   |  March 30, 2015

Search engines can be tricky (and ever-changing) when it comes to ranking Web traffic. A beautiful website is designed, goes live, and then only receives minimal traffic. The following are three lesser-known elements of a website that can greatly impact search rankings.

Quality Content

More than anything, a website needs good, quality content in order to be successful. Nice pictures, video, and other forms of media are wonderful assets to a website, but they can only get it so far with search engines. Engaging, useful written content on the site is needed to keep visitors coming back. Without interesting content, visitors quickly skim the site before moving on to the next one, which might be competitors' sites. Remember to create content with keywords that are relevant to the site to draw in visitors through search engines.

Analytics Tools

Analytics tools are a great way to measure the quality of a website. These tools tell how many visitors the site is generating, the most populated pages of the site, as well as identifying the areas of the site that may need additional work. These tools provide important data that helps to gain a better understanding of where the site stands so that appropriate changes can be implemented.

Links And Backlinks

Linking to other websites is a good strategy to use for two reasons. Linking to relative sites can be very beneficial to visitors because it allows them to easily navigate around different sites in a similar niche. Linking to other quality sites is also a great way to show search engines that the site is useful, therefore providing even better search engine results.

Backlinking occurs when other websites link back to a website. Backlinks are just as important as linking, as it shows search engines that a website is useful and can generate more traffic. Other ways to gain backlinks include developing relationships with other site owners and ask to have links placed somewhere on their site. Participate in link-ups, where site owners get together and link their sites on one specific website.

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