3 Effective Ways To Convert Website Visitors Into Patients

By   |  June 24, 2022

The purpose of your medical website today is to get visitors to take action, right then and there. Studies have shown that you have as little as three seconds to grab the attention of a website visitor -- so, how can you captivate your audience enough to take the first step?

This is where having bold calls-to-action comes in. Whether you want patients to fill out a contact form, call your office, or schedule an online appointment, understanding how to implement a call-to-action is crucial.

1. Make Sure Your Contact Information Stands Out

Potential patients come to your site for a specific reason because they're interested in your services. If they can't quickly and readily find a way to contact you, chances are they'll move on to one of your competitors.

Every page of your website should have your contact information. Dr. Leonardo PROVIDER-Sites display your name, practice name, address and phone number on the header of every page. If patients feel the need to clarify something when they are browsing through your site, they should find it easy to contact you. Your home page has all of this information plus a map with your address so patients can visually see where you are located.

2. Add a Quick Contact Form

Perhaps one of the most valuable calls-to-action is a quick contact form that's easy to locate on your site. Prompting potential patients to share their contact information with you converts them to leads. By having their name, email address and phone number, you can begin reaching out to them!

Your Dr. Leonardo Practice-Site allows you to add a contact page with a form. A Dr. Leonardo PROVIDER-Site has a contact form automatically built-in on every page of the website at the bottom just above the footer. No matter what page a patient lands on, they will be able to easily find and submit a contact form.

3. Consider a Special Offer

Promoting a special offer on your medical website is another great call-to-action. Use an eye-catching photo or graphic and state your offer in as few words as possible. For example:

  • Free Consultation
  • 1/2 off Teeth Whitening
  • Free COVID-19 Testing

Creating a separate page, or sub page, dedicated to your currently running promotions is easy in the Dr. Leonardo Sitebuilder. Make sure that your promotions page is linked to your contact form, so you can keep track of the success of your offer and the number of interested potential patients. Keep your promotions page regularly updated, and replace expired offers with new ones right away.

Convert Website Visitors Into Patients with a Dr. Leonardo Website

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