3 Advantages of Dr. Leonardo Patient Education Content

By   |  April 15, 2022

The Dr. Leonardo® Patient Education Library features more than 8,800 topics on health conditions, treatments, and procedures covering dentistry, medicine, physical medicine and animal health – more than any other website builder!

Here are 3 advantages of Dr. Leonardo health content:

1. Written for Patients

Each article within the Patient Education Library is written with your patient in mind and has been authored by experienced professionals with multiple resources carefully selected for research. Our articles are short and easy to read for patients who are looking to learn about the conditions and treatments you offer.

2. Search Engines Rank Your Website Higher

Dr. Leonardo patient education articles come preset with titles, descriptions, and keywords relative to the article's subject matter. Page titles, page descriptions and keywords are editable on a page-by-page / article-by-article basis, so you're in complete control of how you are indexed.

To enhance your organic SEO positioning in your local area, edit the content to include your name, practice and surrounding localities within each article. You can perform this yourself, or our affiliate company -- Digital MindScapes™ -- can perform these services.

3. Edit & Enhance Any Topic

All content within each article resides directly on your website and is completely editable. Add or detract information to reflect your personal perspective on a subject as a professional clinician. You can even upload your own photos and case study examples of your patients.

Dr Leonardo's Patient Education Boosts Your Online Visibility

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