2 Easy Ways Your PROVIDER-Site Converts Website Visitors into Patients

By   |  August 1, 2019

As a healthcare provider, avoiding lost referrals, gaining new patients, and keeping loyal ones are your main objectives. The goal of your personal medical website is to get visitors to take action, right then and there. And, since studies show that you have as little as three seconds to grab the attention of a website visitor, you have to ask yourself this: How can I captivate my audience enough to take the first step?

Without a personal website, it is nearly impossible to compete with other sites such as Vitals, HealthGrades, WebMD, U.S News, etc. which contain basic information about a provider as well as recommendations for other providers. Poof! There goes your referral! Your Dr. Leonardo PROVIDER-Site helps you to manage this. Follow these two easy steps and have your website visitors become your new patients.

1. Have Strong Content

It is said that about 80% of Internet users have searched for a health related topic online. Patients like to feel confident in what a provider can diagnose and treat. Dr. Leonardo's extensive Patient Education Library contains information on more than 8,800 conditions, treatments and procedures covering dentistry, medicine, physical medicine and animal health.

When creating your PROVIDER-Site, Dr. Leonardo selects the most relevant top 25 conditions and procedures relating to your specialty. You can then add any more you feel is necessary. When a patient visits your website, they are able to see exactly what you deal with and learn in detail about the condition or procedure. Reliable and informative content makes patients feel trustworthy in your abilities as a provider. This also gives your website an incredible level of authority with GoogleYahoo! and Bing, especially when your name is paired together with a health condition, insurance plan or hospital network.

2. Add Unique Features

The best step to make your website as easy as possible to index is to set the domain as your first name and last name. This is what patients are given as a referral and what they search online. Next, personalize your website! Add your professional information: education, certifications, awards, affiliations, etc. Add images of yourself, your staff, your office. Visuals always gain attention and help to familiarize prospecting patients.

Next, add features like an online appointment scheduling button so patients are able to book an appointment in under a minute. Connect your patient portal to your website so your patients can easily access their health records. Create a virtual telephone number. Dr. Leonardo will give you one that is programmed to forward incoming calls to a pre-set number, most likely your office number. Therefore, if you decide to continue with another practice, your number stays with you and the chance of losing current patients is minimized. To go one step higher, make visible the Add-to-Contact feature, allowing your patients to download your professional information and number as a mobile contact in their smartphone.

The Bottom Line

Successful websites aren't the ones loaded with a ton of information that isn't relevant and difficult to find. To sell yourself as a provider, you need to captivate your potential patients enough to take action. If your site attracts 200 visitors, but none of them are encouraged to take the next step, that's 200 missed opportunities. Get visitors to take action by following the above suggestions!

You Need a PROVIDER-Site!

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