Your EHR Portal Enhances Patient Engagement

By   |  April 22, 2022

HITECH Act Meaningful-Use requires patients to have online access to view their records. Dr. Leonardo embeds your Patient Portal onto your website seamlessly where your patients expect to find it -- on your website.

Online Patient Portals have many benefits for both the provider and the patient. Here are a few:

1. Better Patient Communication

Patients can complete many tasks that might have required multiple phone calls to your office, including setting appointments, reviewing lab test results, requesting prescription refills, etc. Your staff can now spend their energy on patients needing clinical assistance.

2. Save Time & Paper

Patients are able to complete forms electronically prior to appointments using your patient portal. This reduces time spent distributing and filling out forms in your waiting room, and eliminating transcription into your EHR by staff members.

3. Improve Patient Care

With accurate medical information online and all in one place, providers can spend their time and efforts on clinical care for their patients. Patient Portals enhance the trust that exists between you and your patients, helping to cultivate long-lasting relationships and attentive care.

Include Your Patient Portal On Your Dr. Leonardo Website

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