Social Media Advertising for Healthcare Providers

By   |  September 17, 2021

Social media has increasingly become a key outlet for healthcare providers to communicate and engage with patients as well as promote their health services. Posting frequently and interacting with patients is important since social media reaches thousands of people and therefore can work to expand your patient base.

Social media advertising in particular allows providers to target very specific patients who may be interested in their services. Channels such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn break down goals that include gaining new website visitors, getting more phone calls, or promoting your practice locally. Healthcare providers are able to set geographic radius from their practice's location based on the towns and areas they want their ads to appear in.

Audiences can be targeted even further by gender, age, parents with children of certain ages, careers, people with various interests. As an example, a psychologist who works with young children can target younger parents expressing interest in therapy and psychology with children ages 5-10 years old. Another example might be a physical therapist working with older patients can target individuals 65 years and older with interests in physical therapy and exercise. Honing on specific patients brings accurate results.

Social media advertising gives providers the opportunity to promote personal pictures working with patients, informative videos about the services provided, and will appear in selected audience's feeds directing them to your website. Providers can chose to advertise certain days of the week, specific hours, etc. Bringing patients to your website is critical; patients can learn more about your practice, providers, locations, accepted insurances, and conditions you treat.

Dr. Leonardo's affiliate company, Digital MindScapes, provides social media advertising services to healthcare providers. Informative and attractive ads makes you stand out on social media feeds and bring new patients to your website first, and then to your office!

Digital MindScapes Can Provide Your Practice With Social Media Advertising Services

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