On-Page SEO & HIPAA Notices

By   |  April 13, 2018

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On-Page SEO

SEO FunctionalityWebsites which use a Content Management System (CMS) give the practice the ability to edit and change the content on their website themselves. This can also include the ability to access and modify the On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) features. While a practice administrator might not care to learn the ins and outs of this feature, an outside Digital Marketing Agency most certainly will.

It’s not uncommon to want to switch from one digital agency to another. Whenever this happens, many agencies require that an entirely new website be created with them. With Dr. Leonardo, you can provide access to any third-party agency for on-page SEO work, and continue to keep your existing website.

Important Notices Found in the Website's Footer

HIPAA regulations require that the Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP) be posted on a medical practice’s website. You must have webpage for this, or at least a link to a PDF file of the notice that patients can download.

Dr. Leonardo makes this easy by providing a comprehensive NPP that the practice may even use and distribute to patients as its written policy. Dr. Leonardo websites also feature a Terms of Use and a Website Privacy Policy as well.

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