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By   |  April 12, 2018

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Office Forms

Medical PaperworkPatient forms remain a necessity to every medical office. Place those patient forms on your website as PDF files that patients can download and complete before their appointment. Today’s forms are often available as interactive PDF files to be completed online and imported directly into your EHR system. If your Patient Portal offers the forms as part of registration, patients can be directed to the portal to register in your EHR before they arrive at your office.

Dr. Leonardo lets you upload patient forms of various format including Adobe PDF, Word files and other documents.

Accepted Insurances

It is important to provide a page listing the insurance plans that your practice accept. Equally important is to keep this list up-to-date as well. Patients frequently attempt to match providers with their insurance plans when search the web. Like all content on your website, this list becomes associated with the practice name and the providers.

Responsive Mobile Optimization

Mobile DeviceMobile devices now account for 60% of all search [Search Engine Land]. As a result, search engines now give greater preference to websites that are mobile-optimized, and in particular to responsive websites. The user experience with a responsive website is far better when using a smartphone, and the speed to load is a factor as well.

Dr. Leonardo website designs are responsive and mobile-optimized, so they automatically adjust to the size of the device – desktop, tablet or smartphone.

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