Key Metrics For Tracking Your Website Traffic

By   |  October 7, 2022

It can feel slightly overwhelming when attempting to track your website traffic using analytics given the multitude of tools available. Each and everyday there is an extensive amount of data that can be tracked online. Google Analytics is just one tool out there and yields an ocean of charts, menu items and numbers. However, there is no need to be overwhelmed about tracking your website analytics. If you are new to this field, begin with the basic numbers. With the right tools and knowledge, you can expand the data portfolio.

The following metrics will help turn visitors to your website into patients and should be tracked on a regular basis for effective results:

1. Visitors

You should focus primarily on first time visitors. These are the number of individuals who have visited your website for the first time during a particular time-frame (last week or last month). The unique visitor count is the number of visitors to the site and does not count repeat visits. These numbers are important as they symbolize the audience size you are trying to reach. With the expansion of your marketing efforts, you will want to see whether they are effective or not. After you get to know the tracking of unique visitors, it will be time to examine repeat visitors. If the number of repeats are increasing, then the website is effective and compelling and people are coming back to learn more and potentially schedule appointments.

2. Referrals

The referrals track the users who click on your links available on other blogs, and also on other websites. Referral reports display the visitor count from social sites as well, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. It is vital to understand the source of the traffic to analyze whether the work you are doing to promote your website is effective or not.

3. Bounce rate

The term bounce rate refers to the event when a person visits your website, but quickly clicks or touches the back button. It means that the visitor did not find what he or she was searching for. It is important to reduce the bounce rate and make sure your website is not accounting these visits as successful.

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