It's Time To Invest In a Personal Website

By   |  February 3, 2023

Setting up a personal medical site for yourself as a healthcare provider is a great opportunity for you to connect with current and potential patients online. Your personal website is just another way to reach and gain new patients.

There are certain elements that will make your personal site easy to use and stand out from your competitors. Let's take a closer look at how a Dr. Leonardo PROVIDER-Site will effectively showcase and brand yourself, all automatically:

A User-Friendly Website Attached To Your Name

Patients are turning to the Internet for nearly everything, especially finding a healthcare provider. This means that patients are researching referrals they are given every day, by name. A PROVIDER-Site ranks your site at the top for searches with your name. Dr. Leonardo also makes sure your personal site will be compatible on any device ranging from a desktop screen to a tablet and smartphone.

Your Most Valuable Information Is On The Home Page

You want your personal site to educate both potential and existing patients about your profession and qualifications as well as what specialties, conditions and treatments you offer. Your PROVIDER-Site clearly shows all the ways that your office(s) can be reached under locations, your phone number, your email address, etc. Adding special features like an add-to-contacts option, an online appointment scheduling option, online reviews, your patient portal, or a map with your address will all help to create an easy and stress-free experience for patients.

Include Powerful Health Content

Educating and informing patients is key. Dr. Leonardo's Patient Education Library is designed to load your personal site with relevant treatments, conditions, and procedures that your specialty covers. This insightful information will attract more online visitors and boost your SEO rankings when the information is attached to your name. Your site can also feature or link to medical articles, photos, and facts that relate to your specialty, as well as links to mentions in the media or on social platforms.

Don't Have the Time to Build Your Website on Your Own? Dr. Leonardo Offers a "We'll Do It For You" Service!

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