How To Make Quick Updates To Your Dr. Leonardo Website

By   |  March 11, 2022

Have you recently changed locations? Or maybe office hours due to COVID restrictions? It is important to make these minor updates on your practice or personal website to keep your patients up-to-date with any recent changes.

Dr. Leonardo websites are simple and easy to manage on your own. We understand that over time, certain information changes and needs to be updated. The Dr. Leonardo Platform makes it easy to go in and make changes whenever necessary.

Once logged into your website and inside the editor, you can use either the Task List or Control Panel in the top right and left corners. Use the navigation tools to make changes to your Practice Profile, location, office policies, staff profiles, etc. If you are looking to change content on any specific page, select that page and make any edits making sure to click Save.

After you have made the necessary edits and updates to your site, the last step is to click Publish in the top right corner and you are all set!

If you’d rather just send us updates or new materials and tell us what you want to have done, we know the product inside and out and are happy to accommodate you.

Updating Your Dr. Leonardo Website

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