Get On A Search Engine's Good Side With Dr. Leonardo

By   |  September 30, 2022

Designing a quality website that search engines will love is much more complex than you may think. Many of the search engine optimization (SEO) tactics that webmasters once used in past years are no longer practical or even acceptable. The following are some of the ways you can show search engines that you really want them to consider your website -- and rank it at the top of search results!

Provide Content That Is Useful To Readers

You've probably heard the phrase "content is king". Search engines have become rather refined and will often penalize websites with low rankings if the site does not provide unique and informative content on a regular basis. If your website is penalized in this manner it can severely impact the ability for your patients to find you.

Dr. Leonardo's Patient Education Library eliminates your need to create well-written, quality content and search engines typically rank Dr. Leonardo websites rather favorably. With more than 8,800 conditions, treatments and procedures covering dentistry, medicine, physical medicine, animal health, and pharmacy. Your content with rank you at the top!

Communicate Effectively With Search Engines

Search engine bots (robotic site crawlers) are smart. They know that Internet users want speed and ease. Dr. Leonardo websites load quickly and keep pages as close to the homepage as possible. Your patients do not have to click more than three or four times to get to their desired destination.

Dr. Leonardo websites come with built-in automated SEO functionality. You have the ability to further customize your search engine settings for individual pages by editing page titles and descriptions, H-tags, image-tags, keywords and all written content including patient education pages.

Digital MindScapes Can Provide You With Advanced SEO Services

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