Build Relationships With Existing Patients

By   |  July 8, 2022

Although it is a priority to continually attract new business to your practice, it is also important to not forget the patients you currently have. After all, these patients already know who you are and what your practice has to offer.

Additionally, existing patients will likely tell others about the great experience they've had with you, which will help generate more business for your practice!

What are Some of the Best Ways to Stay Engaging With Your Existing Patients?

  1. Make your website a central part of your practice. Continually updating your website is a great way to keep patients coming back. Focus on making your website a good resource for patients; be sure to regularly add and update Dr. Leonardo Patient Education articles. This will help better communicate what your practice offers for both new and existing patients alike. Adding online appointment scheduling, patient portal access, and contact forms are perks to your patients that make their experience coming back to your website positive.
  2. Ask your patients to leave reviews. Gaining as many online reviews as you can from patients will help you build relationships with your current patients and allow you to see what your patients are or are not satisfied with and how you can improve their experience at your practice. These reviews are extremely effective in attracting new patients. Dr. Leonardo PROVIDER-Sites allow your patients to leave Google reviews directly from your website.
  3. Take advantage of social media on your website. Dr. Leonardo websites let you place your social media platforms throughout your website. This is a great opportunity to post relevant information about your office or specialties you treat so your existing patients can stay up-to-date. Social media platforms provide a lot of room for direct communication with patients.

Create Long Lasting Relationships With Your Existing Patients With A Dr. Leonardo Website

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