3 Online Strategies To Make Your Website More Approachable

By   |  December 9, 2022

Many healthcare providers do not realize that they have many opportunities to create a compassionate and welcoming company persona thanks to the online world. Below are three strategies that will help patients choose you or your practice, despite any hesitations they may have about a new healthcare provider or the Internet.

1. Create Your Own Content

A patient who is wary of healthcare providers may see these professionals as all being the same. Part of the goal for your online presence should be to set your practice apart from your competitors. One of the best places to start is with content creation.

When you create content specifically for your clients and prospective clients, you show that you care about their questions and concerns.

Not sure where to start? Dr. Leonardo's Patient Education Library has more than 8,800 conditions, treatments and procedures covering dentistry, medicine, physical medicine and animal health. With this unique content on your website, not only will your website rank higher than others, but it is accurate, readable, and approachable content for your audience ready to be added at any time.

2. Introduce Your Staff

Many patients will go through all of the information that they can find about you and your practice before making a first appointment. In addition to a general “about” page, you should also consider including short bios and current pictures of your staff members.

Bios may include information about an individual's qualifications and specialties, but should also be written in a personable, conversational tone to make the content more readable. For the accompanying image, use either a professional-looking headshot or a picture of the individual at work in the office.

You may also want to dedicate some space to a gallery of your office space, including the exterior, lobby or waiting room, and at least one of your exam rooms.

3. Prioritize Social Media Engagement

While your website is a vital foundation for your online presence, it's not your only tool and should not be the only online representation of your business. You should also choose several social media platforms where your patients can interact with you in a more casual way.

Start by creating a Facebook page and Twitter account for your practice. These platforms are the ones that prospective clients will browse through for more information. It may also be smart to use LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media options down the road.

Decide how to portray yourself on social media and be consistent. Add any form of social media to your website so patients can easily access your pages and posts from one spot.

Use these tactics to ensure that when potential clients see your name or your practice name, they see a genuine, approachable professional who can help them get the care that they need.

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