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Dr Leonardo Healthcare Websites

The Website Builder for Healthcare Professionals

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Personal Professional Websites for Healthcare Providers

A Dr. Leonardo PROVIDER-Site delivers the biographical information that patients are searching for on the web. Include your portrait photo and your professional credentials, list your accepted insurance plans and contact information. And go straight to the top of search results for your name and health conditions related to your specialty.

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Medical Website on Desktop and Mobile


Design Themes for Every Healthcare Specialty

A Dr. Leonardo PRACTICE-Site features high-resolution graphics, professional photography, and dynamic animation for desktops and mobile devices. Dr. Leonardo’s flexible design tools let you change design themes, adjust photos and illustrations, and customize text.

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Dr. Leonardo Website Platform Features

Online Appointment Scheduling

Online Appointment Scheduling

Communicate with Patients Safely

Easy-to-use appointment scheduling directly from your website with HIPAA-compliant messaging. Or, connect with ZocDoc,, DemandForce and other appointment products.

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Integrated Search Engine Optimization

Integrated Search Engine Optimization

Adjust Your SEO Settings for Better Visibility

Dr. Leonardo websites feature built-in SEO functionality to index you by provider and practice name on Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

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Patient Portal Integration

Patient Portal Integration

Put Your Patient Portal on Your Website Where It Won’t Be Missed

Providing access to your patient portal is easy, and patients appreciate the seamless experience of accessing the portal directly at your website.

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Professional Medical Content

Patient Education Content

8,800+ Conditions, Treatment & Procedures to Choose From

Educate patients with healthcare information they enjoy reading. The Dr. Leonardo Library contains information on thousands of dental, medical and veterinary topics.

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Patient Reviews and Ratings

Patient Reviews & Ratings

Connectivity to Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Patient reviews and ratings from third-party partners such as and others. One-click Social Media access to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube & LinkedIn.

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Website Analytics

Performance Analytics

Tracks Visits & Patient Behavior

Dr. Leonardo Analytics detail website visits, pages viewed, and how your site is indexed. Reports are emailed automatically and are available on the Console Dashboard.

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Website Security


Protected on a Secure Network

Dr. Leonardo websites reside on a HIPAA-compliant cloud-hosting network used by many EHR systems to secure sensitive patient data. Content and patient communications are protected and secure.

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We'll Do It For You

No Time? No Problem!

Like the DIY idea of Dr. Leonardo websites, but just don't want to do-it-yourself? We understand! Fussing over website details isn't for everyone. So, if it's easier, we'll do it for you!

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