17 People Hospitalized in Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Cantaloupes

By   |  November 21, 2023

By Dennis Thompson HealthDay Reporter  |  Copyright © 2023 HealthDay. All rights reserved.

MONDAY, Nov. 20 , 2023 (HealthDay News) -- Salmonella-tainted cantaloupe has landed 17 people in the hospital, warns the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

At least 43 people across 15 states and Canada have been sickened in the outbreak, which are linked to several different brands of whole and pre-cut cantaloupe, the CDC says. No deaths have been reported.

Salmonella is the most common form of bacterial food poisoning in the United States, according to the Cleveland Clinic. It causes diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and fever.

The true number of people infected with salmonella in this outbreak likely is even higher, the CDC says, because many recover without care and are never tested for the bacteria.

Several brands linked to the outbreak have been recalled. They include:

  • Malachita brand whole cantaloupes sold in Arizona, California, Maryland, New Jersey, Tennessee, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Texas, and Florida between Oct. 16 and 23

  • Vinyard brand pre-cut cantaloupe in cubes, melon medleys and fruit medleys, sold in Oklahoma between Oct. 30 and Nov. 10

  • Aldi whole cantaloupe and pre-cut fruit products sold between Oct. 27 and Oct. 31 at Aldi stores in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan and Wisconsin

Investigators are working to identify any additional cantaloupe products that may be contaminated, the CDC says.

Canada is investigating an outbreak with the same strain of salmonella, the CDC says. They found the strain in a sample of Malachita-brand cantaloupe grown in Mexico.

People should not eat any of the recalled cantaloupe or fruit products, the CDC says. Throw them away or return them to the store where you bought them.

It’s also recommended that any items or surfaces that touched the tainted fruit be washed thoroughly with hot soapy water or a dishwasher.

Folks should call their doctor if they have any of these severe salmonella symptoms:

  • Diarrhea and a fever over 102 degrees

  • Diarrhea for more than three days that’s not improving

  • Bloody diarrhea

  • Vomiting that prevents you from keeping liquids down

  • Signs of dehydration

Salmonella symptoms typically begin 6 hours to 6 days after swallowing the bacteria, according to the CDC.

Most people recover after 4 to 7 days, but some people might experience more serious illness. These include children younger than 5, seniors 65 and older, and people with weakened immune systems.

More information

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have more about the salmonella outbreak, including recall notices.

SOURCE: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, news release, Nov. 17, 2023