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Helping EMPATHIQ Customers to Acquire and Retain Patients

EMPATHIQ already knows how competitive the healthcare technology market is in selling to individual doctors and medical group practices. EMPATHIQ was founded on the principle that there was a need to make the connection between the level of service that doctors provide and their online presence.

Dr. Leonardo can potentially provide a distinct competitive advantage by adding a service that leverages EMPATHIQ's positioning with a doctor's patients, and which can be packaged and re-sold to new and existing healthcare providers.

Using our own proprietary technology platform, Dr. Leonardo can launch an individual PROVIDER-Site™ in just a few minutes. Both new and existing patients can easily find the provider's personal website on the web and instantly connect with them for:

  • Telehealth & Patient Portal Gateways
  • Self-Schedule Appointments
  • Online Bill Payment
  • HIPAA Compliant Communications - Patient <—> Provider

The Dr. Leonardo platform provides a dual benefit. Not only is it a focused center-point for patients to interact online with their personal healthcare providers, but PROVIDER-Sites also include a Medical Library of 8,000+ health topics where patients can research various issues they might be having. Presently in use by providers, practices, clinics and pharmacies in the U.S. and other countries, Dr. Leonardo performs all this at an extremely cost-effective price.

Dr. Leonardo appears to fit very well with EMPATHIQ's current products and service offerings. We would like to explore a possible re-seller relationship with EMPATHIQ as well as a reciprocal arrangement where Dr. Leonardo might offer EMPATHIQ to our subscribers and resellers. This could be a ‘win-win’ partnership.

We hope for an opportunity to set up a discussion and possibly a demonstration of the Dr. Leonardo platform with the EMPATHIQ team and present these benefits.

Use the link below to connect with the personal calendar of Dr. Leonardo's Founder & CEO to set up a mutually convenient time to talk.


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