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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent Questions


Need to know more? Take a look at some frequently asked questions for more information about Dr. Leonardo.

Who is Dr. Leonardo?

Dr. Leonardo is your personal guide to creating an online professional presence for your medical, dental or veterinary practice. An intuitive, automated checklist, together with an extensive library of healthcare content and clinical imagery, is available to guide you through the process of building a full-featured website for your practice in just 20 minutes.

Why should I create an account?

When you create your free account with Dr. Leonardo, you will be able to save any work you have started on your website. You can then return to your website, prior to purchasing and publishing it, as many times as you like to enhance whatever you saved.

What value does Dr. Leonardo's Patient Education content provide me?

When your patients become knowledgeable about conditions, treatments and procedures, you empower them with the ability to make informed decisions. Patient education serves as a means of establishing credibility for your practice and as a point-of-care solution for your patients.

When do I pay for my website?

You pay for your website when it is published. After you have completed building your website, click on the Publish button. You will be taken to the checkout screen to pay for your website. After the payment is processed, you will be able to see your site.

Can I host my Dr. Leonardo Website somewhere else?

No. Dr. Leonardo's custom programming prevents it from being hosted on another operating system.

What pages come with my Dr. Leonardo website?

Your Dr. Leonardo website automatically includes 10 pages: home; about the practice; office policies; provider profiles; staff profiles; locations; patient portal page with login capabilities; terms of use; notice of privacy practices (HIPAA); and website privacy policy.

Can I use my own domain for my Dr. Leonardo website?

Yes. The domain you use can be either one you provide or one you have Dr. Leonardo purchase for you. Either way, your domain is owned by you and not Dr. Leonardo. You do not need to upgrade your account and pay more fees to use your own domain.

Can I add pages to my website after I have published it?

Yes. Pages can be added or deleted whenever you choose. Whether you want to add a page from Dr. Leonardo's content library or a custom page with your own content, you can do it.

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