Use Your Name As Your PROVIDER-Site's Domain

By   |  May 20, 2022

Many of your patients are typically referred to you as a recommendation from another provider or from fellow patients. This means that your name is going to be searched online so these patients can learn more about you before deciding to use your services.

Your Name as the Domain

Your name should absolutely be your website's domain!

Search engines like Google or Bing will generate an exact match query to your website when patients search your name.

When building out your PROVIDER-Site, Dr. Leonardo also queries the ICANN domain registry for your name as a .COM domain. If your name is currently available, you will be able to reserve your domain while you edit your new website.

Question: What if my name is already taken by someone else?

Not to worry. Your domain doesn’t need to end with the extension .COM. There are many different domain extensions -- .NET, .ORG, .US, even some professional extensions such as .DENTIST and .VET. Additionally, you can also include your professional title to the domain such as ‘FirstnameLastNameMD.com’ or dashes such as ‘Firstname-Lastname.com’ as well.

Register Your Name as Your Domain For Your PROVIDER-Site

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