A recent article published by CNBC concerns a new pricing model by ZocDoc, the popular appointment-booking website used by many healthcare practices. According to the story, ZocDoc uses an annual subscription fee of $3,000 - $3,600 per provider, but does not currently limit the number of appointments. The new proposed pricing structure would instead charge individually for each appointment – as much as $100 per appointment for some specialties – even if the patient winds up cancelling. For some practices, the new model would result in a price increase of more than 250% in their online booking costs.

Even greater concern is that ZocDoc’s new pricing structure potentially places healthcare providers in violation of federal and state laws which prohibit them from paying referral fees to receive appointments. Many states consider it to be a variation of fee-splitting, which is illegal throughout most of the United States and other countries.

Self-scheduled appointments are a rapidly growing trend with studies showing that patients prefer to book their appointments themselves and soon will come to expect them. According to a recent study by, 45% of patients prefer to use digital methods to request an appointment. Accenture forecasts two-thirds of all medical appointments to be booked online by 2019.

Your Patients. Your Platform.

You should not have to pay $250 - $500 per month (or a whole lot more on a per-appointment basis) for a scheduling service such as ZocDoc to offer online appointment booking to your patients.

Here’s why.

More than 76% of all patients use the web to search for healthcare providers for whom they have received a referral. This means that three-quarters of your patients are looking for information about you online. These are your current patients as well as new patients.

These are referrals you can and should receive on your own, without paying a 3rd party website to make an introduction or facilitate the appointment process.

A Dr. Leonardo PROVIDER-Site is a personal, search-engine optimized website that places you at the top of online search results whenever patients look for you by name. Everything that a patient is looking for is there – your professional credentials, accepted insurances, hospital and practice affiliations, social media connections, patient education and more. Even ratings and reviews from other patients.

Of course, Dr. Leonardo PROVIDER-Sites include Online Appointment Scheduling too, at a 90% lower cost than 3rd party booking platforms. So, your patients stay on your personal PROVIDER-Site and book their appointments with you.

And you don’t owe anyone a per-booking fee.

Since a PROVIDER-Site is your own personal and official website, it differs significantly from directories such as Healthgrades, Vitals and WebMD which actively encourage your patients to visit competing providers. There are no other profiles to distract patients and cause them to book their appointments with someone else. Dr. Leonardo PROVIDER-Sites also do not feature advertisements – another routine distraction for patients on directories.

Dr. Leonardo PRACTICE-Sites are similarly optimized, but support multiple provider profiles so everyone in your practice can get the top-of-page search results they deserve.

The Dr. Leonardo Web Publishing Platform has been designed exclusively for healthcare and features information on more than 8,800 health conditions, treatments and procedures for dental, medical and veterinary medicine.

Find your PROFILE-Site and claim your personal web domain today. Your personal official website takes only 5 minutes to create and is incredibly simple and easy to customize.

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