It's Time To Take Control Of Your Online Brand

By   |  October 11, 2019

At first glance, creating a digital presence might not be a providers's top priority. But given today's Web-centric world, online branding is a must. It's crucial for every provider to establish an attractive, cohesive brand that fits in line with their personal philosophy and goals as a healthcare provider.

Medical Professional Viewing Website

Dr. Leonardo understands that you are your brand. With a PROVIDER-Site, you can engage personally with patients to let them know exactly who you are. Dr. Leonardo makes creating your online presence and brand easy. Whether you're just getting started or looking to take your branding efforts to the next level, here are some key points to consider.

Elements of a Cohesive Digital Brand

  • Your Portait Photo: Simply stated, patients want to know who you are and just what you look like. As humans we are the most social of species, and we respond to to visual interaction. Pay a visit to a professional photographer for a quality portrait photo, and feature that on your Dr. Leonardo PROVIDER-Site.
  • Content: Patients want to know that you are familiar and experienced with their condition and any recommended treatment. Dr. Leonardo's Patient Education Library features health content on more than 8,000 conditions, treatments and procedures across all dental, medical and veterninary specialties. Want to feature your own work? Dr. Leonardo allows you to feature personalized content as well. Add case studies and photos to make patients comfortable with you.
  • Mobile: Branding is all about creating a seamless consumer experience. Patients have turned to mobile devices to connect to the world, therefore it is crucial for your personal site to remain visible and attractive - whether it is found through a desktop, a tablet, a smartphone or an app. Mobile optimization ensures that your brand is presented in the most attractive format available across all devices.
  • Tone: Establishing a consistent voice improves communication with both existing and prospective patients. Just as you adjust your tone depending on who you are speaking with in real life, it is important to tailor your voice to your digital audience. Your About Me page lets patients know you are approachable and ready to help them.

You Need a PROVIDER-Site!

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