How to Share Information on Your Practice's Site

Adding patient education opens up the opportunity for a very different type of marketing that can help give your practice more exposure. Instead of simply providing basic information about your practice to your current and potential clients, you can connect with them on a more personal level by providing them with helpful information.

You don't need to dispense medical advice through your website, but you can provide some education something patients truly appreciate when it comes to their health. This will help you to develop a rapport with clients, and possibly generate a greater number of referrals.

Providing patient education about various health conditions that are relevant to your specialty, as well as descriptions of the procedures and treatments that your practice offers, will show visitors that you are knowledgeable and care about informing your patients. Sharing information about various symptoms and characteristics of the disorders you treat may also prompt more patients to contact your practice.

The types of information you can share with your patients include the following:

  • Medical information on Illness and disorders. Oftentimes, people use search engines to learn more about specific conditions or symptoms that they or a family member are experiencing. Including this information on your site will help them find your practice, so they can then learn more about the various treatment options you offer and decide which one is right for them.
  • Basic questions and answers. Patients like to be armed with knowledge before they step into your office to discuss a procedure. If you have not provided this background, they will find it elsewhere, so it is worth sharing on your practice's site. Simply outlining the basics of the procedure, the recovery (if any), along with the benefits and the potential side effects can all go a long way.
  • Procedure descriptions. Provide some detailed information about the services you provide. For example, if your practice specializes in cosmetic dentistry, you can include informative content about veneers, teeth whitening and dental implants. Including a few paragraphs about what each procedure entails will help patients decide whether they should take the next step and contact you to learn more.
  • Medically Accurate Images. Many people learn best when viewing visual material. Whether it's a diagram, illustration, or photograph, selecting an image to accompany a condition's or procedure's description will help online visitors get a better understanding. Make sure that you attain the proper rights and permissions when adding an informative, medically accurate image to your site.

When you present the above information, you are acting as a source of information and this has great benefits to your online reputation! Dr. Leonardo provides users with access to a library of clear, accurate and professional content, so you can populate your site with pre-written, well-researched, reliable healthcare information that's relative to your specialty.

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