Easy Patient Portal Accessibility For Better Patient Care

By   |  October 20, 2014

Multiple studies suggest that although physicians may be resistant to using electronic medical records (EMRs), that many patients find them to be valuable resources that they are interested in using. However, making your patient portal easily accessible and convenient for your patients is essential in the success of the system. Patients who cannot access their EMRs with ease, are less inclined to use the system.

Keep It Simple

  • Patient portal access should have a direct and memorable access point. For example, patients are more likely to remember www.drjohnson.com/patientportal than they are to remember a URL that makes no sense, such as www.patientportalaccess.secure.domain.//Z%login%^infoxxymnlfy%%/.html.
  • If patients can find their portal with ease from your medical practice website's homepage, your EMR system will be more useful to your patients.
  • Studies suggest that people are inclined to manage their lifestyles through the Web and with tools like apps. People often conduct their banking online, and they want to manage their health care online too.

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) Positively Impact Patient Care

  • The use of EHRs has proven to provide patients with health records containing fewer errors.
  • EHRs are more comprehensive and easier to understand for patients than paper records.
  • EHRs are environmentally friendly, secure and entirely confidential.
  • EHRs assist multiple physicians in coordinating patient care. Specialists can access patient-specific EHRs to to enhance patients' medical experience and improve their health more effectively.


  • In a study conducted by the National Partnership for Women and Families, they found that 80% of Americans who have access to EHR, use it.
  • The same study revealed that two-thirds of Americans that don't have access to EHR through their health care provider wish that they did.
  • A study commissioned by Accenture states that more than 40% of consumers in the United States would be willing to change their health care provider if it meant they would be gaining access to EHR.

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