Dr. Leonardo Image Library: Built For Patient and Provider Convenience

When building your own website, it's important to remember that using copyrighted images isn't always a great idea. Dr. Leonardo currently offers approximately 5,000 commercially licensed images for all practices and disciplines in the medical field.

Using images that are under the ownership of another individual or corporation can result in a world of trouble concerning copyright legalities. However, Dr. Leonardo's strategic partners are Getty Images® and A.D.A.M.® Images, which allow users to add interesting visuals while building their own website. These images are commercially licensed and available to Dr. Leonardo's clients.

Getty Images®

From general photos to specific content, Getty Images is the go-to when building your site. Because Dr. Leonardo has taken care of copyrights and licensing for our clients, using Getty Images is a breeze while personalizing your own medical practice website.

A.D.A.M.® Images

One of the most comprehensive online libraries of medical images in the world, A.D.A.M. Images provides a plethora of medical photos for physicians to add to their medical practice website to assist patients in getting a better understanding of human anatomy and medical conditions. Whether you're looking for X-rays, muscle structure or anything else in the medical field, A.D.A.M. Images is able to produce pictures of almost anything.

Finding the Right Image

With the use of Getty and A.D.A.M. Images, Dr. Leonardo affords users the ability to create an eye-catching, colorful design in a variety of unique templates. Professional, hi-resolution images are a necessary addition to any medical practice website.

Having the right photo to go along with your specialty is an important way to connect with potential patients. When new patients are looking at your website, it's often their first impression of you as a professional, so having the right images presents a well-put-together website, which sticks out to existing and potential patients.

Need Help Uploading Images to Your Medical Practice Website? Dr. Leonardo Can Help.

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