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Solving the Problem of Lost Referrals Using Dr. Leonardo

November 15, 2017

LOST REFERRALS = LOST REVENUE:  Series (5 of 5)   This blog series has covered a lot of ground. We identified the problem of Lost Referrals, projected the behavior of a Distracted Patient, demonstrated the value of Online Appointments, and discussed the role of Ratings & Reviews and Patient Education Content.  Now let’s explore a...  read more

The Online Appointment

November 8, 2017

LOST REFERRALS = LOST REVENUE:  Series (3 of 5)   Previously we talked about the Distracted Patient who winds up visiting the online profile of a competing provider.  Now we discuss the trends and benefits of Online Appointment Scheduling. For many years, the typical phone call placed to a doctor’s office goes something like this:...  read more

How Doctors, Practices & Healthcare Systems Lose More of Their Most Important Patients Everyday

November 6, 2017

LOST REFERRALS = LOST REVENUE:  Series (1 of 5)   This series of five articles analyzes the growing increase of Lost Referrals (Leakage) that takes place when patients research their doctors online.  Trending along these lines is discussed and a solution is offered on how healthcare providers can reverse this trend and start booking appointments...  read more