Add Medically Accurate, High Quality Images to Your Website!

Upload: April 28, 2014If you're contemplating creating a new website for your practice, you are most likely considering things such as whether you should get a new domain name, how many pages your site should have and what kind of written content you'll include.

These are all important points. However, another important aspect of every site are the images that will accompany your text. Along with the site's design and layout images, you will also want to include photos and illustrations. For example, if one of your pages describes a particular surgery, you will want to include a detailed, high-quality image that will make it easier for your site's visitors to understand the procedure.

One common mistake that many site owners and bloggers make is relying on search engines for their images. This puts them at risk of being on the receiving end of copyright infringement claims, fines and legal action if they do not actually own the rights to an image that they've chosen to use on their site.

Another risk of using images that you find online is that it may be mislabeled and not correctly portray the medical procedure or condition you are describing. This misinformation can confuse your site visitors, who are most likely your current or potential patients. That's why it's important to only use photos, illustrations and images that are medically accurate and from a respected, reliable source.

To help physicians add images to their new sites, Dr. Leonardo has partnered with A.D.A.M., a comprehensive online library that is a leader in providing high-quality, award-winning medical illustrations, anatomical images, diagrams and animations. A.D.A.M.'s unique catalog includes images depicting various conditions, disease states, injuries, treatments, surgery procedures, tests and human anatomy. In fact, A.D.A.M. was one of the first organizations to illustrate every structure in both the male and female bodies.

A.D.A.M.'s vast image library is already widely used by health care professionals, educational publishers, professors, advertising agencies, lawyers and patient education programs. These images and illustrations make it significantly easier to explain complex conditions, procedures and treatments to patients, allowing them to better understand medical terms and helping to ease their concerns.

Dr. Leonardo makes it easy for doctors to make a versatile site filled with informative content, high-quality images and medically accurate illustrations that perfectly represent their practice.

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