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Medical Websites for Doctors

Lost Referrals = Lost Revenue

Patients are typically recommended to you by your name. Name-referrals are based on reputation, credentials and experience -- all elements of goodwill that accumulate over your career and are directly associated with your name. Your name is your calling card for which your livelihood depends.  Your name is your ‘brand’.

For most healthcare providers, referrals by name are their best and most important source of new patients. Yet, it's very easy to lose patients online whenever a patient researches your name. These lost referrals, commonly referred to as 'leakage', are one of the biggest problems plaguing healthcare providers. By some estimates as much as one-third of all patients never follow through on a referral. *


Patients Research Their Healthcare Providers

On the Internet, a patient or a referring doctor can instantly find information on almost any provider within just a few seconds, right from their smartphone.  When an online search for your name is performed, Google, Yahoo! and Bing direct visitors to various websites such as your practice or clinic's site, local hospital networks where you work, and to provider directories such as Healthgrades, Vitals, US News & World Report, WebMD and others.

Patients look to these websites to research your professional background and to read reviews and ratings about you. They generally don’t search beyond the first one or two online listings they find, and typically book appointments based on those top one or two sites.

Patients Get Distracted and Book Appointments with Other Providers

Provider directories commonly display five to six other doctors on a profile page. As a result, patients researching your professional background on a directory can easily wind up booking an appointment – your appointment – with another provider because the directory ‘recommended’ that they compare a similar doctor.

Perhaps another recommended doctor is a little closer to where the patient lives. Or, a visitor encounters a posted review from someone who was aggravated at having spent a few extra minutes in your waiting room. With six other providers just a single click away, it's very easy to lose a name-referral. And these lost referrals are difficult to quantify because you're probably unaware of the initial referral and never learn that your patient went elsewhere until long after they selected a different provider.

  • How do you steer your referrals to the best place to learn more about you?
  • How do you provide patients with quality information on the conditions, treatments and procedures you offer and make them comfortable with their referral?
  • How do you get patients to book their appointments with you immediately before they become distracted and go somewhere else?

PROVIDER-Sites Reduce Lost Referrals by Engaging Patients First

A PROVIDER-Site by Dr. Leonardo is a fully-featured, customizable website registered at the domain for your name, i.e. Your name as the URL ensures top positioning on Google and Bing when visitors search for you by name. As a result, patients will go there first and spend an average of 15-20 minutes at your website, reading your biographical information, educating themselves on the conditions you treat and the procedures you offer or recommend.

And now, they are just one click away from booking an appointment with you directly through your EHR Patient Portal or appointment system.

PROVIDER-Sites Validate Patient Referrals

PROVIDER-Sites by Dr. Leonardo feature:

  • Your Professional Biography with Detailed CV Information
  • Patient Education with Clinical Illustrations
  • Office Policies & Accepted Insurance Plans
  • Office Hours & Emergency Contact Information
  • Maps to Your Office Locations
  • Link to Your Appointment Booking System
  • Link to Your EHR Patient Portal
  • Mobile Website Optimization for Smartphones
  • Built-In SEO Indexing
  • Social Media Widgets for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google +
  • Website Analytic Reports

Dr. Leonardo Has Made It Easy

Dr. Leonardo builds your PROVIDER-Site automatically using information available from existing databases. If you are a Doximity ** member, simply log on with your Doximity password and Dr. Leonardo will automatically complete your name, office locations, your education, residencies, hospital affiliations, specialty and subspecialties, and your profile photo too.

Select a design layout from 18 different designs for each health specialty with more than 1,000 in all to choose from. And customizing your PROVIDER-Site is easy and requires no technical skill at all.  Expand on your biographical information, update your office hours and insurance plans, edit patient education content as you see fit, and more.

It's the Last Website You'll Ever Need™

Because your Dr. Leonardo PROVIDER-Site is hosted at your name as the website domain, it will follow you as a professional wherever you go.  If you should switch practices, clinics or hospital networks, then simply change the appointment links and contact information to your new location.

Every healthcare provider benefits from a PROVIDER-Site of their own. Even if you are profiled on a website for your clinic or hospital network, your Dr. Leonardo PROVIDER-Site adds an additional search result for your name.  You're now easier to find, and it's easier for your patients to book an appointment with your office and access your Patient Portal.

* The Milbank Quarterly - a Multidisciplinary Journal of Population Health and Health Policy
** Doximity is a trademark of Doximity, Inc.  Data connectivity through the Doximity API does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of Dr. Leonardo products or services.
Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Healthgrades, Vitals, US News & World Report and WebMD  are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks of their respective companies.