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Licensing Dr. Leonardo

Dr. Leonardo is a SaaS / cloud-based product designed as a multi-tenant service. The product may be licensed to qualified companies offering IT solutions to medical, dental and veterinary professionals.

Retail Sales Agents

Retail accounts are initialized using a Sales Agent Identification Code (SAIC) entered by an end-user during the checkout procedure. Dr. Leonardo can track sales and activities of referred end-users via the SAIC.

Enterprise Licensing: Co-Branding & Private-Label

Dr. Leonardo can be co-branded or private-labeled. Qualifying IT companies must offer complementary products and services to healthcare practices, such as EHR, IT Integration Services, Internet Marketing, etc. Hospital systems and healthcare networks, and large multi-discipline health companies can benefit by using Dr. Leonardo to develop standardized websites for individual offices and specialties.

Additional Information

For more information, contact:

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Director – Sales and Business Development
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