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Steps to Building Websites for Healthcare Professionals

Dr. Leonardo has all the tools you need to create a healthcare website in just minutes. It's never been easier to get a high-quality website design with patient education content on conditions, procedures and treatments. Dr. Leonardo has all the pages a healthcare professional needs, such as standard content for office information, doctor and staff bios, and an easy way to link to your EHR Patient Portal. It's the website builder exclusively for the healthcare industry.

Upload: April 8, 2015

» Choose Your Specialty

Dr. Leonardo has designs, content, and images for more than 60 different healthcare specialties across medical, dental, and veterinary disciplines. By selecting your specialty, Dr. Leonardo pre-loads your website with the content and images you need to create a comprehensive website for your practice.

» Choose Your Design

With more than 1,000 designs to choose from, we're sure to have a design that's right for you! Choose from up to 18 designs made for your specialty, or find a unique design to fit your style. With Dr. Leonardo, you can change your design layout at any time without ever having to worry about re-design fees so change your layout as often as you like.

» Add Patient Education Content

Search Dr. Leonardo's library of more than 8,000 patient education topics to add clinical content to your website. We recommend the top 25-articles for your specialty, but with unlimited pages available feel free to add as much content as you like. On-screen editing tools allow you to personalize the content of each discussion and style the page with clinical illustrations.

Upload: April 9, 2015

» Edit Your Practice Profile

Once you're ready to customize your website, Dr. Leonardo will ask you to create your Practice profile. Enter your practice name, address, and phone number; Dr. Leonardo will automatically add this information to your website. The system will create a map for your practice and index your practice information for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

» Edit Your Provider Profile

After completing your practice information, it's time to create profiles for you and your staff. Upload your picture, add your biography, and list your professional memberships. Dr. Leonardo will compile this information into a page for your website. With no limit on the number of profiles, Dr. Leonardo can accommodate practices of all sizes.

» Personalize Design Elements

Once your content is complete, you can begin to personalize the design elements of your website. Browse more than 5,000 high-resolution images and clinical illustrations, to style the look of your webpages. Upload your practice logo, customize your animated banner images, and personalize your text colors and fonts to put the finishing touches on your design.

Upload: April 9, 2015

» Online Marketing

As patient-oriented technologies continue to evolve, more patients turn to the Internet for answers regarding their health every day. Dr. Leonardo helps to improve the internet presence of a practice through a variety of online marketing efforts including integrated search engine optimization tools and social media platform integration.

» Encrypted Email

As security measures surrounding patient health information (PHI) continue to advance, it is essential that all patient related email correspondence be sent and received across an encrypted email platform in accordance with HIPAA security regulations. Dr. Leonardo offers HIPAA compliant email as part of its healthcare compliance suite of services.

» Secure Contact Forms

Often times, patients visit their healthcare provider's website in search of answers. The secure contact forms built into every Dr. Leonardo website allows patients to send secure messages to their healthcare providers across SSL encrypted secure contact forms directly from their provider's website.