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Website Builder Features

Dr. Leonardo has all the tools you need to create a healthcare website in just minutes. It's never been easier to get a high-quality website design with Patient Education content on conditions, procedures and treatments. Dr. Leonardo has all the pages a healthcare professional needs, such as standard content for office information, doctor and staff bios, and an easy way to link into your EHR Patient Portal. It's the website builder exclusively for the healthcare industry.

Upload: April 7, 2015

Upload: April 7, 2015

Medical Website Design & Images

Website Design & Images for Every
Healthcare Specialty

Choose from 1,000+ different website designs featuring high-resolution graphics and professional photography.

All Dr. Leonardo design layouts feature dynamic jQuery animation that makes your site come alive on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Flexible design tools make it easy to change layouts, adjust images, and customize text to fit your needs.

Upload: April 8, 2015

Upload: April 9, 2015

Pre-Written Medical Content

8,500 Unique Topics to Choose From

Your Patients come to your website with questions. Give them the answers they deserve. The Dr. Leonardo library of healthcare content will help you fill your website with information your patients will enjoy reading.

With 8,500 topics to choose from, you'll be able to quickly and easily create a customized website that accomplishes two important goals: establish credibility for your practice and provide patient education on the conditions you treat and the services you provide.

Upload: April 8, 2015

Upload: April 9, 2015

Mobile Device Compatibility

Optimize your website for smartphones & tablets

With most patients accessing the Internet using smartphones, your website should be able to keep up.

With mobile-optimized design layouts and one-touch navigation, Dr. Leonardo websites give you the ability to stay compatible with the latest technology.

Upload: April 8, 2015

Upload: April 9, 2015

HIPAA Compliant Website Hosting

Protect Your Website with a secure network

Healthcare practices are required to provide HIPAA-compliant security when communicating electronically with their patients and other providers.

Dr. Leonardo websites are hosted with HIPAA-compliant cloud-hosting and information security services to the healthcare industry.

With the Dr. Leonardo Cloud Platform, you can feel confident knowing that your website, its content, and patient communications are secure.

Upload: April 8, 2015

Upload: April 9, 2015

Website Visitor Analytics

Track Who is Looking For You Online

Unsure if your website is helping you drive new patients to your practice? Now you'll know! Dr. Leonardo websites track:

  • Total Number of Visitors
  • Best Sources of Online Traffic
  • Total Number of Site Views
  • Visitor Page Traffic
  • Total Page Visit Count
  • Time Spent on Website

See exactly how many patients visit your website, and what they're doing while they are there. Discover which sources of online traffic generate you the most views, which pages are most popular, and how long your patients spend on your website.

Upload: April 8, 2015

Upload: April 9, 2015

Patient Portal Integration

Embed Your Portal Into Your Website

Put your patient portal where it can't be missed - on your website!

Now that your practice has made the switch to electronic medical records, your website is more important than ever. Meaningful use regulations require your patients have online access to view their records so your practice can qualify for financial reimbursement. Providing access to your patient portal has never been easier, and your patients will appreciate the seamless experience as they access their portal directly from your website.

Upload: April 8, 2015

Upload: April 9, 2015

Built-In Secure Contact Form

Communicate with Patients Safely

SecureForms™ lets you communicate with visitors safely and securely using a HIPAA-compliant contact form.

Dr. Leonardo integrated SecureForms™ uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to send messages to your Control Dashboard where they can be accessed in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Upload: April 8, 2015

Upload: April 9, 2015

Search Engine Optimization

Adjust Your SEO Settings For Better Visibility

All Dr. Leonardo websites have built-in SEO tools, so patients will be able to find you on Google®, Yahoo®, and Bing®.

For those practices that want to customize their search engine settings, Dr. Leonardo offers the SEO Master Tool - allowing anyone to change the site-wide, page specific, and image specific tags for their website.

Upload: April 8, 2015

Upload: April 9, 2015

Social Media

View Website For Smartphones & Tablets

Use the Social Media Widget to add social media icons to the sidebar of your website. Give your patients easy access to view your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube & LinkedIn Accounts.